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Friday, February 24, 2006


Stumbling through the blogosphere, I've recently found two blogs by former Lufkinites like myself who are now living far from our hometown. Though I don't know either blogger that well, the feeling of connection is strong. It's something about having a shared experience, in our case, growing up in a somewhat isolated town in East Texas. Raul was a year or two ahead of me, and Richard and I travelled in different social circles, but Lufkin, Texas, has, I'm sure, put an indelible stamp on each of us. Things like little league baseball, the Rudolf oil pump, the paper mill, pine trees, and one channel tv (thanks, Raul!). Also, living in a dry county, Clark's, Godfather's Pizza, and Friday night football.

Perhaps this strong feeling of connection is taking hold of me because I'm now in Los Angeles, trying to find my place among palm trees, great weather, and a mysterious driving culture. Chicago always felt familiar for some reason, but LA is still an enigma. My side of the family seems very scattered now, and I feel like I'm floating and drifting, not sure what's in store this afternoon, tomorrow, or a year from now. Going with the flow has never felt more dangerous.

So here's to Raul and Richard. Thanks, guys, for helping me find my way, just a little.



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