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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do I really want/need to blog?

Lately I've acquired a new addiction, There is no end to the pleasure I get reading the full left spectrum of Kossak diaries. So, should I take up blogging again after almost a year of posting nothing at jonsnook? Perhaps. Maybe this is a start. Since it's Iowa caucus day, I'm pretty pumped. I hate having to wait all day for the fun to even start, but that's the nature of the caucus.

Let's's January 3rd, so maybe I can post something about my goal/resolution for 2008. I'm giving myself permission this year. Permission to be wrong, or right. Permission to make mistakes. Permission to laugh, and cry. Permission to be healthy. Permission to dream big.

So, there ya go. A new post for the new year. If anyone is reading, I hope you enjoy my musings on myself and the world.


Anonymous Hal said...

Glad you're posting again Jon. Hope the storms aren't too bad where you are.

11:49 PM


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