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Monday, November 13, 2006

No Big Bear for us

After a grueling trek over an unfamiliar 2 lane mountain road in pitch black, this was to be our hideout for the weekend, with promised views of the woods, the lake and the slopes. Not so. A critical medicine was inadvertently left in Los Angeles, so we drove back through the night, down a "shorter" equally dark mountain road, back home to Koreatown. Oh, did I mention that the difficult-to-find cabin was not even available after we arrived (which coincided with the realization of forgotten medicine); the owner of our weekend mountain palace was already ensconced, watching tv, indignantly insisting that he had blacked out the whole month for his questionable hedonistic pursuits. Needless to say, we were useless the rest of the weekend.


Blogger Kuntry Konfession said...

hmmm....hmmm? hmmmm! i dare ask what med you needed? there are certain herbal goodness that always help in many wayz....but the look of that snow, i say foraging attempts would be out of the question....
cuddles are good....keepin it warm and toasty!
.....we haven't gotten our snow yet....
koreatown! where in heavens could you be! (chucklings).

1:37 PM


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