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Friday, March 10, 2006


Before moving to LA, I had the impression that folks here would 1) all be beautiful in the Hollywood sense of the word and 2) not very friendly. Wrong on both counts. Angelenos, or at least the ones I've crossed paths with so far, look and act pretty much like people anywhere whom I've crossed paths with. Maybe it's because I live in Koreatown, not WeHo (translation: West Hollywood), and ride the bus to work. I also walk Toby at least twice if not three times every day, so of course people comment on how adorable he is.

My favorite three people so far are: Mr. Suh, who works the night shift at the Union 76 gas station which as the cheapest cigarettes nearby; Carmen, my bus buddy who is a chef near my office; and the Korean woman who power walks every morning, in her pumpkin windbreaker and Gilligan hat, who always gives me a smiley "Good morning."


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