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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Go Hillary!

I am still 100% behind John Edwards, but I'm so proud that Hillary pulled it off tonight in New Hampshire! I'm too lazy to try and figure out if she's the first woman to win a US presidential primary or not.. I know Jesse Jackson won several primaries in '84 and '88, but can't figure out if HRC has taken that record.

Maybe John Edwards sounds too Southern, and people are reminded of the shrub's accent, faux Texan that he is. Whatever it is, it's not over yet, though I hate to think how many gazillion Hillary will raise between now and the next primary.

I'm the only one in my household who cares, so I can't have any political discussions with anyone around here! Rats! I shouldn't have called Quinnette a Republican. She'll never forgive me nor will she talk politics with me again, which I probably deserve.

Oh, an aside. Had fun at the Critics Choice Awards last night. Best moment was being about 8 feet from Queen Latifa. Should have jockeyed for a spot at Brad and Angelina's table.


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