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Friday, June 09, 2006

Jay Hooks

One of my pasttimes is Googling old friends and acquaintances, like Jay Hooks. Jay Hooks was one of my early childhood friends, like when I was a toddler through 7 years old. What I remember about Jay was his Kiss posters and albums (at 7 years old? must have been later on, when we moved back to Texas), taking baths together (definitely when we were younger than 7), and his early rebellious nature.

Here's a clip of him playing in Germany. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find out where he is now.

Where are you, Jay?


Blogger BloozeMan said...

I read a credible story on a blog that Jay got burned out in Europe mostly due to alot of substance abuse and gave up being a professional musician. Supposedly he's in Austin customizing motorcycles, still with Marie, and occassionally shows up at local jam sessions.

11:21 AM


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