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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Strange Brew

The air outside my office window has a moist, pale green cast. I think this is what summer in the San Fernando Valley is gonna be like. People are complaining about the humidity, but come on, it's not Lufkin humid by any stretch.

Finally saw The DaVinci Code last night. It kept me tuned in, mostly to see how R. Howard would handle Brown's story. Odd changes, particularly the ending. There was so much more depth to the book; that's what bothered me most.

I'm ready for a change from the Laminate Gallery. Never have I felt so micromanaged under such poor management. Totally disempowering. Ithaca College is still wonderful, though. I'm hanging on to this place as long as I can.

Life's peculiar. Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly again, now that I'm well into therapy and feeling more confident than I have in eons.

Someone from Mesquite, Texas visited my site this week! Shout out to you!


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