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Monday, August 28, 2006

Petty Thievery

There's a small fig bush along one of my dog-walking routes. About a month ago, I noticed that it had a fair number of green figs developing, and I was reminded of warm, sweet figs on my neighbor's fig bushes in Lufkin. I've been keeping an eye on the figs since then. Yesterday, I saw that one of them was gentle purple, not yet ripe enough to eat, but almost there. Fearing that a crow or squirrel might deny me a small pleasure, I plucked the fig from the bush and walked away with Toby. I heard someone call out, but didn't think they were addressing me.

When Toby decided to do his business, near the end of the block, I glanced back and saw a man examininig the fig bush. I do believe my small theft was observed.


Blogger Kuntry Konfession said...

hahahah! and whatchoo got to say for yourself now? should've left a dollar hanging on the branch tip. hahahah! (or a note that said the fig went on vacation (like that gnome in Amelie?!)) hahahahha!

11:28 AM


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