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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Grammar, please

From today in a piece about Rick Santorum:
After discussing the threat of Iran, a frequent subject he broaches these days, he turned to the empty chair and said, "I'd like to hear what my opponent has to say about this." The crowd of several hundred laughed and applauded.
I don't think a subject can be frequent. A subject can, however, be broached frequently. Fire the editor, please.

Oh, and about Mark Foley, it's not a gay issue. It's an abuse of power issue.


Blogger shivamantra said...

hi jon, thank you for your kind words. i know, this is not fair: you cannot read hungarian, but i am pretty fluent in english... anyway, i am a gay white male with hiv living in hungary and doing advocacy work for the plwha community. the blog is basically an instrument of that work. other that that i lead a quite normal life with a hubby, a cat and a job that is slowly killing me. cheers.

11:14 AM

Blogger shivamantra said...

hope you are all doing well including your goldfish... i have had so many pets during my life, and i also have a daughter and now she is into pets (wants to become a veterinarian). so burying all sorts of animals has become de rigeur unfortunately.
you ask about the gay community - well, it is hard to tell since i have sort of isolated myself from the community as such. for one, i am travelling so extensively that i am happy if i can see my partner at all. and also i don't have a very high opinion of gay community life in budapest. i prefer getting together with friend irrespective of their sexual orientation.
indeed, budapest is a wonderful city. despite all the trouble and difficulties, this has always remained a truly charming place to me. okay, i grew up here, have a family here, and know every corner of the city.
you should come visit us once.
regs, sm.

1:46 PM

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