Images and words from my life.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Library Day

Narcisso and I joined the Santa Monica Public Library this past Sunday. Their brand spankin' new facility on Santa Monica Blvd. is really lovely! This shot is taken in the courtyard garden from ground level in a patch of succulents.

I haven't been a library browser for too long. Online browsing has taken the place of wandering up and down random library shelves, discovering hidden jewels forged long before the first webpage was coded. I miss those days.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Hockney on cameras

Painter David Hockney recently said, "The camera can't see space. It sees surfaces. People see space, which is more interesting" (Time, February 20, 2006).

Maybe. Nothing like a nice collection of surfaces, though.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, Narcisso!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I've become a blogger because:

~ People want to know my thoughts.

~ I can make a fortune on advertising.

~ Long lost friends and acquaintances will suddenly find me.

~ I had some free time at work and this seemed more productive than watching the Olympics on the tv in my office.

~ If Richard and Raul can do it, so can I.

What I've discovered is that it will take a huge chunk of discipline and commitment to post an entry every day, which is my goal. I've never been able to stick with daily journal entries for long. Maybe someone out there will find these musings worth reading every now and then. Hopefully someone I don't know will find this and leave a comment. That'll be gravy.


Friday, February 24, 2006


Stumbling through the blogosphere, I've recently found two blogs by former Lufkinites like myself who are now living far from our hometown. Though I don't know either blogger that well, the feeling of connection is strong. It's something about having a shared experience, in our case, growing up in a somewhat isolated town in East Texas. Raul was a year or two ahead of me, and Richard and I travelled in different social circles, but Lufkin, Texas, has, I'm sure, put an indelible stamp on each of us. Things like little league baseball, the Rudolf oil pump, the paper mill, pine trees, and one channel tv (thanks, Raul!). Also, living in a dry county, Clark's, Godfather's Pizza, and Friday night football.

Perhaps this strong feeling of connection is taking hold of me because I'm now in Los Angeles, trying to find my place among palm trees, great weather, and a mysterious driving culture. Chicago always felt familiar for some reason, but LA is still an enigma. My side of the family seems very scattered now, and I feel like I'm floating and drifting, not sure what's in store this afternoon, tomorrow, or a year from now. Going with the flow has never felt more dangerous.

So here's to Raul and Richard. Thanks, guys, for helping me find my way, just a little.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Routine Criminal

Last night, after exiting the subway stop and waiting to cross the street on my way home from work, a prophet or schizophrenic or maybe an angel hollered "A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime." This has stuck with me and got me thinking about a life of routines, of places returned to with shocking regularity, of how many "crimes" I have commited in the places I frequent the most. Mainly, home and work. I'm afraid that I'm the perp of too many crimes at home, something I'm deeply ashamed of and regret immensely.

This returning happens in the memory, as well. I go back mentally to my crimes, replaying them, trying to make sense of my motivations and thoughtlessness. Crimes of yesterday and yesteryear. How did I become such a criminal? How entrapping the proverb spoken last night. He was right. I do return to the scenes.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Universe

I stumbled onto someone's blog today while killing time before lunch, and decided that rather than just surf blogs, I should start my own. Hopefully something positive will come from this, such as an end to world hunger, a cure for toenail fungus, or eternal bliss for Brad and Angelina. Who knows. Anyway, hope whoever is reading will come back soon. Cheers.